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“Al volt” ceramica fra amici


It means “Al Volt” ceramic between friends.

The vaulted basement of “Al Volt” is in Sopramonte, an Italian village of the Monte Bondone, the mountain of Trento, capital of the Dolomites. There, an association of four guys spend most of their evenings far away from TV, working clay as a hobby. There is always good company, someone knocking on the door with a bottle of wine, some local artisanal beer; “carne lucanica” (local sausage) or whatever can cheer up an evening.

This happy company has conceived the flag of their Mountain, most of them are also hang gliders or paragliders, and active members of the free-flight life of Trentino. One of the members, who is French (no one is perfect), lives today in Lincoln, and has focused his art clay to portraits and plaques. All of his work is made in the spirit of his Italian masters, and the back side of his work always mentions: “Per e nello spirito di Al Volt” that means: In and for the spirit of Al Volt. And the Monte Bondone Flag is always floating, engraved for millenniums in the terra cotta.



Think about a special present for a birthday, Christmas, or Valentine day. Or maybe represent your little business with character with a piece that is definitely one of a kind.

Be patient, drying times are long pieces might crack while drying or shatter during cooking. This is the hard law of handmade clay work. But fine results always reward the early and patient (wo)man.


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